Create your cryptocurrency AML (proof of transactions) report

Cashing out crypto gains is easy if your bank accepts the transaction. However, with strict crypto AML (anti-money laundering) measures in place, you might need to prove the licit nature of your funds. Use this proof-of-ownership report to avoid any headaches.

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Why do you need a cryptocurrency AML report?

To avoid crypto-related money laundering, banks have strict protocols. Use our report to prove to your bank the legitimate nature of the funds you intend to transfer.
Step by step guidance

We’ll create the crypto AML report. With the least possible involvement from you.
Peace of mind

We know what your bank requires to validate the transaction.
Your account gets credited

You don’t gave to go back and forth with your bank. We deliver the report on your behalf.

Stop overthinking about crypto compliance! The cryptocurrency AML report will guarantee you cash out.

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How is the cryptocurrency AML report created?

1. Import your data

Whether you’re using one exchange or you’re a veteran investor with multiple wallets and exchanges, the first step is to import your data into ACCOINTING. This can be done automatically via API connections, or manually through a CSV upload.

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2. Verify your access

With help from our partner, we guarantee a trustworthy crypto verification. With guidance, you will obtain the proof of access to your wallets and exchanges.


3. Verify your transactions

The data you imported into ACCOINTING enables the verification of your transactions and helps put the verified stamp on transactions included in your report. This step guarantees that no cryptocurrency AML red flags are raised.


4.  The report is sent to your bank

Together with our partner, we create the final analytics report which is sent to the bank on your behalf. All you have to do is wait for the approval of the bank, and the funds will be credited to your account. Simple, right?


Crypto anti-money laundering report FAQs

What’s the best way to import my data? recommends using API connections whenever available. We currently support 100+ wallets, exchanges, and blockchains.
How does verify transactions? automatically marks your transactions as verified if the information is coming via an API connection.
How does our partner prove access?

Our partners will put the verified access stamp on your report. You just have to coordinate with them to make a transfer from one of your wallets to another one you own.
Why does our partner send the report to the bank?

In order to minimize friction between you and your bank, our partner will deliver the report on your behalf, in the format the bank needs it.
Are unverified transactions included in the report?

Yes, they’re included and split between  your verified and unverified wallets or exchanges. This granular approach guarantees an appropriate data set.

What does the cryptocurrency AML report look like?

Download Sample Report

Transaction overview

The first section of the cryptocurrency AML report summarizes your portfolio, split into verified or non-verified wallets and verified or non-verified transactions.

Crypto AML (Proof of Transactions) - Transaction Overview

Wallet verification

The following sections highlights all your wallets and exchanges, together with verified or non-verified tags.

Crypto AML (Proof of Transactions) - Wallet Verification

Asset breakdown

The second page of the crypto AML report is more detailed and covers a summary of all your assets, with associated value.

Crypto AML (Proof of Transactions) - Asset Breakdown

Transaction summary

The final section on the second page of the crypto AML report
is more detailed and covers a breakdown of your transaction volume, divided into verified transactions and not verified transactions.

A further split is done between not verified transactions on verified wallets and non-verified wallets.

Crypto AML (Proof of Transactions) - Transaction Summary

Together, we will help you cash out.


Stop overthinking about crypto compliance! The cryptocurrency AML report will guarantee you cash out.

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